My remote Data Science internship with Mozilla through Outreachy


Photo by zhan zhang on Unsplash

If you’re dreaming about a remote and paid internship, and you don’t have CS degree like me, then this internship is a great place for you to start a career in Tech.

What is Outreachy?




Outreachy is a program that provides 3 months paid internships in Free and Open Source Software for people who are typically underrepresented in those projects. Interns are paid a $5,500 stipend and a $500 travel grant to attend any national or international event related to their project approved by their mentors. Outreachy internships are not limited to programming only. They also include UI/UX, documentation, data science, graphic design, video documentation, and illustration.

How I won Outreachy internship:

    1. Initial Application

Before creating a new account, check the eligibility page to see if you’re eligible for Outreachy or not, if you are; start to fill the initial application form. In this form, you are providing simple information about yourself like your name, gender, country, city and most importantly your availability during the internship.

Outreachy requires interns to be available full time during the internship, which is 40 hours per week. From my experience, you will need to devote a lot of time to the internship, so make sure you will be available for 40 hours weekly during the internship time. The application is now open for May 2020 to August 2020 round, apply now:

Outreachy Initial Application

    2. Contribution Phase

After receiving the acceptance letter, you will be able to see all projects and the skills required for each project, start to pick the projects that could fit your skills or the career you’re pursuing, write down all projects that you found interesting, then start contributing, my advice to you, choose between 2-3 projects only to contribute to, as choosing too many projects will be too much to handle at the last days of the contribution phase.

For me, I picked 3 data science projects, 2 with Mozilla and the third one was with another organization, then I decided to focus on Mozilla data science projects only, as the competition became very hard at the end and I decided to dedicate all the time to them.

    3. Reaching out to mentors

If you have any doubt or any question at this stage, it will be the right time to contact the project mentors, if you have not done this already, make sure that the mentors recognize your work and see how much effort you’re spending on the project.

    4. The Final application

After making good contributions, it’s time to fill the Final application, it will be different than the initial application as it will ask you to provide examples of your previous projects or work, you can submit your Github or website link.

Internship Announcement:

I spent a very hard 3 weeks waiting for the results, then on Nov 26, 2019, at 4.00 pm UTC exactly I got an email that I have been selected as an Outrachy intern for Mozilla, it was one of the best days ever in my life, working with very experienced data scientists on one of the most popular web browsers is a dream come true.

About me:

I studied Chemistry and Biology at university then worked in a non-Tech field for five years after graduation, in 2017 I started to learn how to code and took introductory courses in statistics, then I received a scholarship from Bertelsmann to study Data Analyst Nanodegree with Udacity, right after my graduation from the Nanodegree, I got an email from Udacity to apply to be a Nanodegree mentor, which is someone that support students in Udacity programs to finish the program content and projects, after that, I became a project reviewer. Udacity communities are one of the best sources for any novice to start a career in Tech, a lot of generous people sharing their experiences and their knowledge with others. I very much appreciate Outrachy, Udacity, all online platforms and organizations for offering these opportunities for anyone wants to start or shift careers.